Moving day isn’t always the easiest to deal with. That’s why it’s useful to keep a moving day checklist in mind. In this way, you can make sure you have everything you need to move.

1. Wake up early

Even if your move is late, you can always use an extra few hours to get ready for moving day. Also, in case you hired moving services in Chicago, you’d want to make sure that you give yourself enough time before the movers get to your home.

2. Pack any last-minute items

Even if you pack everything up before your actual move, there will still be a few items left. Consider throwing anything out that will melt or go bad during the duration of your move.

3. Sweep your home

You don’t want to leave the house dirty for the new owners. Thus, you should have everything cleaned and in order before you move. You’d surely want to make a good impression as the former owner of the place.

4. Moderate the move

If you need help with your apartment moving in Chicago, you probably fired a moving company. Thus, stay around as your movers do the work. The moving experts may have questions about your moving preferences. This is why you should let them know how you what things to be done.

Likewise, wait for the movers at your new home in Chicago so that you can give them a walkthrough. This is so that they know which boxes are for which rooms.

5. Unpack only the essentials

It’s key to only unpack the essentials for your first night. Some examples of common essentials are toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, kitchen items, pajamas. And, of course, clothes for the following day.

Once you’ already took a look at your moving day checklist, you can sit and relax in your new home.