Moving is not easy. There are so many things to cover and so many responsibilities that it is normal to feel overwhelmed at some point. It’s not just about having to change your life and routine. It’s a total change, and if we have children at home, it’s even worse. At least that’s what some of our clients thought: “Moving with kids = chaos”. But the truth is that a well-managed move can be a great adventure, especially for the little ones. Our Chicago Movers have the Best Tips To Make Your Moving Day Kid-Friendly for you.

Game On!

Many times we put our little ones aside when we’re organizing the move. Well, it’s time to get involved! Get your little ones involved in each phase of the move… Sometimes, you can’t take them with you, so ask them to color what their new room will look like. They can also make a little list of what they will take with them on moving day. Hs to write a letter to Professional Movers Chicago where they explain what they do or don’t want to pack. 

Time is your friend

We know that moving day may be months away. While that’s happening, take the time to collect what you need and ask your little ones to make a list of what they want to give away, throw away or keep. Continue with the same drawing plan… this will stimulate their imagination.

Visit the place where you will be moving or take them to the store. 

If it is possible and the distance is not too far, you can visit the place where you will live. If the distance is too far, take your children to the wastebasket. Ask them to choose the labels and materials they will use to pack everything. 


Yes, personalization is everything. Let your little ones decorate their moving boxes however they want. They can use stickers or colorful markers. 

Hiring Moving Services Chicago can help you when moving. Since these professionals know what to do at all times… This saves you not only time but money. In addition, you will be able to get more time to prepare your kids for the upcoming moving.