Apartment Moving Chicago
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Apartment Moving Chicago


We know how boring it can be to move from your current home. All these aspects of home moves are exhausting. And here we are not only talking about moving from a house, but from an apartment. Some people do not realize the number of things that they can store inside their apartments. That’s why we are aware of the importance of planning and coordinating your Apartment Moving Chicago.

Our team offers high quality services that allow us to minimize the time and disruption of your routine. It’s time to leave your apartment in our expert hands!

We guarantee you a professional and quality result. You will also avoid the many inconveniences of a move.



We use packaging of different sizes, Always using quality materials. We offer paper packaging, bubble wrap for computers, special boxes for lamps or large objects, and more.


Our team dismantle the furniture that requires it, facilitating your move. Then we reassemble it in the new home.


We have furniture lift stairs. So the team can handle complicated accesses or handle large furniture without damaging it.


We have vehicles of different sizes adapting to any type of move. Our Team carry out the transfer in the shortest time possible.


We manage all permits and reserve the loading and unloading areas.


Our experience allows us to have a minimum number of accidents. However, we include insurance in case of any damage.


The team will advise you at all times. With us you will have the necessary help to solve any doubt or problem.


Our staff is our main asset. The team is permanent in staff, experienced and of the maximum confidence.


We also offer, optionally, a service of storage of any type of furniture.




We adapt to your needs! No matter the size of your home. Our team will be there for you! All your furniture will be moved delicately. Even the most delicate one, will be moved with maximum protection. Our professional team at CEQF will set a specific moving plan, so that you will know every step we will take to keep everything under our control and in order.

Here, our Chicago Apartment movers take care of packing all the material of the apartment with great care, furniture, computer equipment, and more! Don’t worry about the damage to your stuff!


We are your company specialized in domestic and office packing service. We help you with everything related to packing when moving.

We have all the necessary and indispensable elements such as: corrugated cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tapes, wheelbarrows, corners and all related materials to pack your belongings safely.



Initial contact

You can call us or leave us a message through our web page to begin with the first contact and ask about any doubts in our service.


Technical Visit

Once we have gotten some data from you, we also send a technician to your apartment to evaluate it.


Get a free quote

With the evaluation of your place finished, we can give you a quote without any kind of commitment. Keep in mind that our prices are totally affordable.


Permit Management

If you pick us, we make sure that we obtain all the permissions requested for the moving services.


Choice of date adapted to you

We let you decide which time and day you want us to begin with our service. So, we are at your disposition.



Rest assure that we will arrive in the date planned and begin with the moving service.

What We Will Review Before Apartment Moving

Once you ask for our services, this is a list of the following things that we will be checking for the process of aparment moving. Be sure to provide us with this information to have everything ready for the moving process and implement and good moving plan:

  • The size of your new space

  • Floor layout, door sizes, and elevators.

  • Prior communication with utility providers.

  • Prior communication with the landlord.

  • Any possessions that need security or protection.

Moving Services Chicago

Tips to get you started

1. Keep Valuables Close

Valuable items and important paperwork should always travel in your vehicle. Please keep them closed! Anything hard to replace needs to be with you. Do not forget medications, car titles, and  insurance policy. Be careful with passports and jewerly!

2. Hire Help

Packing can be a stressful and time consuming process. A small apartment can take 1-2 days to pack. So, the most recommended thing to do is  to call the professionals. When you hire packers for your apartment, they cut the time down to hours. Our apartment moving company will bring a team to pack up all belongings.

3. Pack an “Essentials” Bag

You never know! Maybe you could need toiletries or a change of clothes. This bag can be helpful in an emergency situation. So, pack most essential things and do not forget some medication. 

Get Best Apartment Moving Chicago


We are your apartment moving professionals

Apartment Moving Experts

We are professional moving experts in Chicago. Our team is familiar with moving small homes and apartments in and around the city. They can help making your relocation easy and affordable. Apartment movers efficiently carry out the transfer of your furniture and belongings to your new home. We take the utmost care.
So, we customize our moving services to fit your needs. Expertly packing and unpacking all your items. The  team knows how to handle fragile items. If you want to do some or all of the packing yourself, we’ll share the secrets that will make you pack like a pro. Otherwise, leave everything in our expert hands! Always offering high quality services. We can provide the best quality moving services at an affordable price.

Apartment/Condo Moving Checklist

When moving there are many things to consider. That’s why our professionals provide you with this checklist to take into account. Take this list into consideration when you begin your Apartment/Condo Moving Checklist. Home moves may be chaotic, especially if you don’t know exactly where to begin. For that, you need to follow a well-designed moving plan. And what is better than start with a checklist. It will make your moving process easier.



A Free Moving Estimate

With our moving packing and moving storage, our services are for you. Your office moving will happen with no worries if we take it in our hands. So, if you are thinking to hire our services, we are glad to offer you a free moving estimate.

Don’t worry anymore about what the quote will be. We can give you an estimate, and you can begin planning your budget around it. Whether it is a big or a small move, you can trust in our prices. Believe when we say that our quotes are affordable and our services the best.


Consider the following:

  • The square footage of the home.
  • The number and size of items to be moved.
  • The type of objects.
  • The number of movers required.
  • The ease of disassembly of the furniture.
  • The packing of the objects: if the consumer does it, it will be cheaper.
  • The existence of an elevator.
  • Ease of access to the property.

Check that the moving company is a registered company and request information on whether the company is in possession of the special authorization to carry out the moving service.

Yes, in the event that your belongings are not picked up or delivered on the dates promised, you can demand a refund.

Some companies have safes and vaults for works of art, valuable objects… If you have valuable furniture or sculptures, photograph them before moving. This way, if they suffer any damage, you will have more proof when it comes time to make a claim.

Yes, we offer packing and unpacking services for all your belongings.

Of course we do. Give us the address and we will make the move.

Yes, but don’t worry, we do the whole process for you.

Of course we do. We are able to move all types of furniture.

We offer a wide range of extra moving services

We have different moving packages for you. All adapted to your needs. So, our complete moving package includes a professional service and unpacking. Also, our team can offer you storage solutions to shipment protection. They will work with you on everything you need. We want you to have a trouble-free move.



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