Packing Services Chicago
If you are looking for a company to help you with the packing of your objects when moving, here we are to help you with it.
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Packing Services Chicago


Before the move we have to prepare the objects that are going to leave. What a stress to be thinking about all this! We have the solution for you!

Our Packing Services Chicago is the No. 01 in the City of Chicago.  We pack with the most suitable material always. For this our company has a wide range of materials. We care about perfecting every detail of your packaging.



We use packaging of different sizes, we also use quality materials. We offer paper packaging, bubble wrap for computers, special boxes for lamps or large objects, and more.


We dismantle the furniture that requires it. This way we facilitate your move. Then we reassemble it in the new office.


Our experience allows us to have a minimum number of accidents. However, we include insurance in case of any damage.


Our team will advise you at all times. With us you will have the necessary help to solve any doubt or problem.


Our staff is our main asset. The team is permanent in staff, experienced and of the maximum confidence.

Your Packing Services Chicago

"All your belongings will arrive safely at their destination thanks to our specialized packing service"



Our experience in professional packing services complements your move in Chicago. It doesn’t matter if you have a commercial, office, or residential move. All your belongings were professionally packed. We use the most advanced techniques and the best protective materials for packing.

Our highly qualified staff will recommend the most appropriate materials to protect your things.  From the most fragile to the largest and most complicated, thanks to our specialized packing service.



Initial contact

You can call us or leave us a message through our web page to begin with the first contact and ask about any doubts in our service.


Technical Visit

Once we have gotten some data from you, we also send a technician to your place to evaluate the type of equipment.


Get a free quote

With the evaluation finished, we can give you a quote without any kind of commitment. Keep in mind that our prices are totally affordable.


Select Packing Material

When you pick us, we let you decide the type of packing material you want us to use, according to the package.


Choice of date adapted to you

We let you decide which time and day you want us to begin with our service. So, we are at your disposition.



Rest assure that we will arrive in the date planned and begin with the packing service.

Two types of Packing Services

Packed Moving Services

Unpacking Moving Services



We have vehicles of different sizes. We adapt to any type of move, carrying out the transfer in the shortest time possible.


We manage all permits. We reserve the loading and unloading areas.


We have furniture lift stairs. This way we can handle complicated accesses or handle large furniture without damaging it.


We also offer, optionally, our service of storage of any type of furniture.

Get Best Packing in Chicago


Trust in the Best Packing Services Chicago

Gives us a call and we’ll begin the packing!

When packing time starts, we know you imagine yourself being surrounded by a lot of packing boxes in your house in Chicago. Well, now imaging not having to do that. Fantastic, right? We can do that possible.

Our CEQF Moving Company is not only a moving company that helps you move to your new address. Make sure that we also help you with the packing of everything.

We offer you our Professional Packing Services Chicago, so your boxes will be safely packed in time. This type of services will help you release from the whole stress the moving process usually involves.

Green Moving Ideas

  • Bio degradable packaging is always the best option! However, you can use plastic boxes and not cardboard. You can get clear plastic boxes, so you can see what’s inside without having to open it. They are also more durable and will be useful for storage after your move. If you choose cardboard boxes, be sure to recycle them at the end.
  • Use recyclable materials throughout the process. Instead of using newspaper or manufactured packaging, it is highly recommended to use recycled paper.
  • Choose a vehicle with a capacity that adapts to the objects that need to be transported in order to avoid making more trips than necessary. Also, use environmentally friendly vehicles and machinery.
  • Hire a moving company that has a correct environmental policy.
  • Donate, recycle, sell, reuse objects that are not indispensable.
  • After loading the moving transportation, clean your home with environmentally friendly products.

Choose the Best Packing Material

Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard boxes are very versatile, have high stacking strength and have become the most popular of all boxes. The boxes can be used to store toys, books, dishes and small ornaments. General speaking, it is one of the materials we use the most. 
Kraft Paper
This type of wrapping is ideal for covering vases and ornaments. It can also be placed between plates and cups. The wrapped objects are then stored in a box.
Stretch Plastic
Stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. It not only protects furniture from scratches and dirt but helps keep everything in its place.
Adhesive tape is used to bind objects temporarily, or sometimes also permanently. It is ideal for keeping drawers closed and for sealing boxes. 
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Do you prefer to do it all by yourself? We can help you with that too!

Self-service Packing and Unpacking

If you feel like you want to take in charge of your own packing, no problem, we can take care of that too. Sometimes we know that it is oneself who knows better our stuff and where to pack each of our belongings. We are here to provide you with all the materials you could possibly need for that. We won’t leave you behind!

The same goes for our unpacking services. This whole process can be an interesting time to spend with your family. So, for that, we can help you place all the furniture and boxes into your new home, and let you do the rest. Whether it is to pack or unpack by yourself, we totally understand your reasons. We will be here for that too, giving you advices on how to do it and providing you with the tools you’ll need to make this process easier.

Our Packing Tips for your Moving

1. Getting started and getting organized

Before packing, do some cleaning. Get rid of everything you no longer like or will no longer want. 

2. Do not empty certain drawers

Leave all clothes or non-heavy objects inside the drawers and limit yourself to protecting the furniture.

3. Store soft goods in garbage bags.

Fill durable garbage bags with soft items like comforters, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.

4. Paint before moving

It is much easier to paint an empty house than one full of furniture.

5. Empty the house and clean

Just like painting, it is best to deep clean while the house is empty.

6. Hire a Moving Service

The best way to be completely worry-free is to have professionals on your side. A moving company will take care of everything!



We are also Chicago’s Favorite Packing Service!

One thing we are certainly sure is that you might probably think of a thousand things to do instead of having to pack your things in boxes here in a city like Chicago.

It is almost true that one of the most exhausting parts of a moving process is the packing service. For that reason, you might leave it until the last minute. However, it is important!

Knowing how to pack your belongings is part of your moving process, that if done right, it can be quick, safe and cost-effective. For that matter, we are here.

You cannot let yourself fail packing your stuff, or they can get damaged or be lost. Here, we recommend you, to hire us, your favorite Packing Service in Chicago.

At CEQF, we offer you great services at such great prices. So, save time, money and stress. Let us be in charge of your packing boxes in Chicago!

We make the process easier

Our team has all the material needed to start the packing process, such as boxes, tapes, packing paper, bubble warp and so on. We will also focus on label each box with clear instructions to a better care.

We have the best professional team

Be sure that we have the best team. Our staff knows how to do it the proper way. We always make sure to constantly train them. And we can assume responsibility in case of unexpected events.

We can pack things fast

The whole packing process can take a lot of time for a person or even two. Our professionals can do it quickly and fast since they are experienced. We let you ready for your moving time.

Give us a call for a free estimate

If you have been convinced by our Professional Packing Services Chicago, but still have some doubts regarding our service, simply give us a call. We know that this whole process of packing needs to be done with the most care possible.

Our team of experts are familiarized with the process, so you won’t have to worry about transporting fragile, heavy or any other kind of items. At the same time, we can give you a free estimate of our whole packing process, so you can really decide knowing what to expect.

We’ll be looking forward to hear from you soon!
Packing services chicago


It is based on the inventory list (not weight), and distance between your move. 

It will depends on the quantity of items to move and the distance to cover. 

The size of the truck  is determined by your inventory. If you need to add more items, please tell us in advance. This way we can use a bigger truck.

We require all TVs to be boxed.

Yes, we will do it! Please do not  water plans ahead of your move date

We  do not move propane tanks, firearms, or flammable items. All liquids should be closed and boxed.

Yes. We can disassemble and reassemble the furniture. The crew will wrap all items. Also, moving pads are provided free of charge, for same day use.

If there is no alley, loading dock, or driveway, you have to request a permit. Please let us know if you need us to manage permits. 

Yes, we do. We offer long/short term storage.

Yes, you can. Please give a notice of at least 72 hours ahead of time.

We offer a wide range of extra moving services

We have different moving packages for you. All adapted to your needs. Our complete moving package, which includes a professional service and unpacking. Also, our team can offer you storage solutions to shipment protection. They will work with you on everything you need. We want you to have a trouble-free move.



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