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First Class Moving Services Chicago

Our CEQF Moving Company Chicago movers are truly committed to providing you with the best moving and packing services in the city. Through our many years of experience, we have demonstrated that we are one of the most trusted and professional moving companies in Chicago. One of our top goals is to provide you an excellent customer service from the very first moment you call us. Likewise, we understand that it is not only a matter of doing a good moving service. 

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What makes us the best packing services in Chicago is the way we commit ourselves to you. We will answer any kind of questions you may have regarding the service in general. Here in Chicago, you can truly trust in our services, that we will give the best service with the best treat. What we have learned through the years is that we know you need help, and we will always be willing to help you.

Moving Services Chicago


You can call us 24/7 for a consultation. Start planning your moving day with our great rates and amazing service.


We offer the best rates out there for moving and transporting your things.

Moving Services Chicago


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  • Apartment Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Packing Services

Moving services chicago aparmentPeople do not realize it but apartments tend to fit a lot of things. If you found a lot of clutter and while packing noticed the huge amount of boxes, don't worry. We can carry and transport all of it as fast as you need it to be.

Our professional moving crews are always ready to get the job done and meet any challenge. We have extensive moving experience, and our team have seen it all when it comes to moving rental apartments. What we focused on:

✓ Our team understands all regulations.
✓ We pad all doors and windows with plastic wrap.
✓ To have all Supplies and Professional equipment
✓ Equipment for moving heavy items.
✓ To assemble and disassemble furniture.
✓ To dispose of all trash and debris.
✓ An insured team and work
✓ To pack and unpack everything.
✓ We place each piece of furniture where you want it to be.

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Moving Services ChicagoIf you are moving a lot of your merchandise from one place to the other or maybe got a new building for your products, we can handle it. With our spacious trucks and our skilled personnel, we can empty one place in the blink of an eye.

You will have everything relocated in the new location in no time. For commercial moving you can count on a team of dedicated and specialized professionals.

✓ Weekend moving service so as not to interrupt your operations.
✓ Packing and unpacking of all your items.
✓ Supply of packing supplies.
✓ Special material for the protection of your equipment.
✓ Transportation in fleet of trucks
✓ We are insured
✓ Large items
✓ Several items in the same box.
✓ Additional protection for valuable and fragile items.

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Moving Services ChicagoIf you are changing your company to another place, call us and we'll take care of everything. It doesn't matter what type of business you are running or what furniture you have. Be it desks or refrigerators we can handle it all.

It is crucial to get the office move right. A bad move will mean downtime that will cost your organization money. That's why we focus on providing the employer and his employees with the least amount of office moving services.

You will get:

✓ Professionally trained Staff
✓ Bonded and Insured company
✓ Background checked
✓ Supplies
✓ Fully customizable Moving Service

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Moving Services ChicagoMoving isn't easy at all. And the worst part of it is packing. If packing isn't your thing, then we have the solution. Our team of professionals is ready to pack each of your belongings effectively. We know that packing takes a lot of time and can be overwhelming. so our team offers:

✓ Efficient packing of each of your belongings.
✓ Extra protection for valuable or fragile items.
✓ Professional inventory
✓ Insured
✓ Special packing materials: cardboard or plastic boxes, kraft paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, tape for packing and sealing heavy duty boxes, and more.
✓ Identification
✓ Efficient service
✓ Equipment for moving heavy items
✓ Special sheets or bedspreads for your furniture
✓ Organization and cleaning after packing.

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What else can we offer?


For your convenience, we offer long or short term warehousing services. You no longer have to worry about storing your furniture. Therefore, our moving and storage company serves the entire city of Chicago and surrounding areas.
All your furniture will be perfect. Our professionals will do it with first quality packing products. Then, what is the best? 100% affordable price. Besides, you have Itemized inventory with company tracking and temperature controlled. So, your belongings won’t get damaged.
✓ Dedicated warehouse for customers who require it, oriented to the safe custody of their belongings,
✓ Complete security management of your storage.
✓ Storage for furniture storage, and storage/custody of your belongings.
✓ Permanent storage services for personal effects and general items.
✓ Insured

We make the difference in local moving in Chicago. Now, if you need to move within Chicago, you need to hire a local moving company that offers you the best benefits. What you need is a moving company that can move all over the city efficiently.

Ask our customers for references and you’ll see why we’re your best choice. Likewise, we offer an excellent customer service. We will make sure you are satisfied with your move. And we will make it the best experience.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry anymore. You won’t exceed your budget. We are a serious but affordable company!

Contacting us is very easy! Just fill out our electronic form and send it to us!  Our team will contact you to know the details and generate a free estimate.

At CEQF Moving Company, we can offer you

Local, long-distance, and at-home moving services



Why are we the best Local Moving Company?

Here, at CEQF Moving Company, we guarantee you that we will offer the best services for the moving time. What do we offer?

  • One of the top rated local movers in town.
  • We offer accurate estimates. All moving expenses are included. So, you won’t have any surprises during or after your move. We take care of your budget.
  • Our team takes detailed inventory lists.
  • We will assign you a single point of contact to always be with you!
  • A first class local moving company.  Our entire team has extensive experience in the field.
  • We offer packing service. So, all your belongings will be safe from damage and scratches. Our team have the best materials and the greatest care to transport your personal belongings.

Friendly movers

We know that moving brings with it some stumbling blocks. But managers are not one of them. You’ll receive photos of the team in advance. That way, you’ll be greeted by familiar faces on moving day.

Flexible scheduling

We are a moving company in Chicago, IL as flexible as you are. If your plans change, call us to adjust your moving.

Affordable prices

Thanks to our rates and our prorated pricing system, you won’t be caught off guard by your moving bill.

First class moving service!

Our Company offers the best professional moving services designed by experts to provide you with a smooth moving experience. The quality we have is unmatched. We do everything we can to make your move as stress-free as possible.

100% Personalized Service

If it is about moving, we are ready to meet your needs. our team wants to offer you the best service. That is why we adapt to your requirements. Our Company is here to help you every step of the way.



Chicago Moving Resources - CEQF Moving Company

If you are moving to Chicago, you have made one of the best choices of your life. Chicago is an amazing city with a great quality of life. However, as with any moving process, we know it is a little bit scary to start anew. Here in CEQF Moving Company, we are always looking for ways to make your life easier, and that is why we offer you the most useful moving resources in Chicago.


Emergency Services


Business Resources





Types of Packed Moving Services Chicago

Full-Service Packing

  • We will manage everything with our full-service packing option.
  • All packing supplies:  Packing blankets, moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc.
  • Furniture items will be blanket wrapped. 

Partial Packing Service

  • Best customized packing services in Chicago.
  • One-on-one relationship. We  create a custom plan for your individual move.
  • Blanket-wrap 


  • If you like, we offer self-packing services.
  • You pack your items and our movers will blanket wrap your furniture for transit.
  • Packing Inconvenient? Dont worry! Our movers will have additional packing supplies for you. 

CEQF Moving Checklist

We always recommend making a checklist before any kind of move. That is why we offer you our checklist according to the place we will focus. Keep in mind that we don’t want you to lose anything. So, take into consideration our checklist.

In any office moving, you need to take into account all these places. Here are the spaces and things we will focus on our moving services:

✓ The new office layout
✓ Desks
✓ Common areas
✓ Equipment
✓ Organization of different departments in the building.
✓ Office style / branding
✓ Inventory of usable furniture from old offices
✓Purchase new furniture if necessary

Now, when it comes the time of relocating an office, we know it can be an overwhelming task. That’s why our professionals are here to help. When you decide to make an office move, we will focus on:

✓ Complete an assessment of the entire IT infrastructure in the original office that includes equipment, power supplies, cabling, servers, etc.
✓ Back up all important files or data prior to relocation.
✓ Develop a plan for the new office location. Answer questions such as: what equipment do we need, how much do we need, what is the budget, how much time do we have
✓ Appoint a relocation committee.
✓ Establish a timeline for the relocation.
✓ Create a protocol for moving data, equipment, confidential documents, etc.
✓ Identify and inventory old space.
✓ Cancel services such as utilities, electricity, internet, etc.
✓ Remove signage and company branding.
✓ Hire and schedule a cleaning service.

Moving out from one house to another can be an extremely tiring task. Therefore, here we offer you our moving checklist to aliviate this task. Moving day doesn’t have to be chaotic. You can move in smoothly if you go hand in hand with the professionals in the area.

✓ Get rid of unnecessary items.
✓ Notify your landlord about the move.
✓ Do a thorough cleaning.
✓ Place valuable items in a separate box and keep them close by.
✓ Set aside a box of essential items.
✓ Hire an efficient moving service and packing and unpacking service.
✓ Cancel your gym membership, yoga studio, and others.
✓ Make sure all your bills have been paid in full and cancel your services.
✓ Clean every room thoroughly.
✓ Paint the apartment if needed
✓ Have some cash
✓ Check twice before closing on the property.
✓ Go through each room to check that nothing has been left behind.

We offer a wide range of extra moving services

We have different moving packages for you. All adapted to your needs. So, our complete moving package includes a professional service and unpacking. Also, our team can offer you storage solutions to shipment protection. They will work with you on everything you need. We want you to have a trouble-free move.

A city of Chicago is known for being one of the most popular cities in the United States. The way the economy has improved has certainly attract not only many business, but many people to live in. Therefore, all these factors has turned Chicago into an attractive place where to live or to start a business.

Given the constant change around the city, when it comes the time to move, you’ll definitely  need help. For that, you need to always hire the best Moving Services in town. By doing this, you make sure that all your belongings are safe and that you will get the help you are looking for.

Of course, Chicago is such an exiting city to move in. Let us give you the same feeling by taking in charge of your moving process. We make sure to always offer you our best services.



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