Commercial Moving Chicago
If you are looking for a company to take in charge the moving time for your commercial place, here we are to help you with it.
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Commercial Moving Chicago

We know how boring it can be to move from your current home. That’s why we are aware of the importance of planning and coordinating your Commercial Moving Chicago.

Our team offers high quality services that allow us to minimize the time and disruption of your job. It’s time to leave your apartment in our expert hands!

We guarantee you a professional and quality result. You will also avoid the many inconveniences of a move.



We use packaging of different sizes, we also use quality materials. We offer paper packaging, bubble wrap for computers, special boxes for lamps or large objects, and more.


We dismantle the furniture that requires it. This way we facilitate your move. Then we reassemble it in the new business.


We have furniture lift stairs. This way we can handle complicated accesses or handle large furniture without damaging it.


We have vehicles of different sizes. We adapt to any type of move, carrying out the transfer in the shortest time possible.


We manage all permits. We reserve the loading and unloading areas.


Everything from moving HVAC equipment to assembly lines.


We are trained to move special and science equipment.


We provide the packing and crating services you need in order to efficiently move books and other library items.


We also offer, optionally, our service of storage of any type of furniture.

Professional Moving Specialists


We are your business moving professionals


We know how important time is to you. That’s why we offer to move your entire office or business. Then, we will customize a moving schedule so as not to interfere with your production process. Always remember that we want you to have as little disruption as possible.

No matter your needs, or types of business. We adapt to you. All our moving plans are tailor-made. Whatever your moving needs are, we know what to do! Likewise, we move all business, take care of your furniture, office supplies or equipment around the office, and more. Furthermore, we can also help with junk removal. Our team get rid of items you no longer need. We also do your long-distance commercial moving.  But, if it’s storage you need, we also have storage services. Only ask what you need, and we will customize our commercial moving services.



Initial contact

You can call us or leave us a message through our web page to begin with the first contact and ask about any doubts in our service.


Technical Visit

Once we have gotten some data from you, we also send a technician to your facility to evaluate it.


Get a free quote

With the evaluation of your place finished, we can give you a quote without any kind of commitment. Keep in mind that our prices are totally affordable.


Permit Management

If you pick us, we make sure that we obtain all the permissions requested for the moving services.


Choice of date adapted to you

We let you decide which time and day you want us to begin with our service. So, we are at your disposition.



Rest assure that we will arrive in the date planned and begin with the moving service.


We have an extensive corporate and commercial relocation experience. We provide a customized relocation management service. Our extensive knowledge enables us to facilitate smooth and above all cost-effective corporate relocations. Our professional movers are trained for all types of moves.

We offer moving services for:
  • Professional offices
  • Retail stores
  • Medical offices
  • Educational facilities
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Commercial offices
  • Parts stores
What we do?
  • Relocation Management. Includes consulting services, program development and move management.
  • Moving of goods. We have a fleet for item management
  • Total relocation service. We are experts in moving and mobility
  • If you have nowhere to store furniture, we offer the best warehouse service. So, your belongings will be safe. Short- or long-term service.

Office Relocation

Our team takes care of everything! From disassembly to assembly. There is a myriad of activities that need to be completed and any delay in the process costs your company money. We understand office relocation and your needs. Businesses won’t wait. So, explore all our services. We can help you and your employees ensure a smooth, and stress-free moving.

With the support of office relocation services, your move will be efficient and successful with minimal to no downtime. Just receive a high-quality service. With us you get:

  • Qualified office moving consultants.
  • Dedicated move coordinator.
  • Team of professionals to pack, move and transport all your contents.
  • Office equipment movers.
  • Office furniture moves.
  • Experts in furniture assembly and disassembly.
  • Secure file relocations and records storage.
  • Total relocation of your office and all your equipment.

Office Equipment Moving

Looking for Office Equipment Movers? Here we are!

We are professionals trained to handle your office equipment move from start to finish. Whether you want to return equipment, store it or relocate it, we will do it for you.

  • We facilitate the transportation of all your office equipment.
  • We offer our storage centers
  • Equipment lease return
  • Office to office transportation
  • A team of office movers ready to transport your equipment.
  • Fast and reliable moving

Chicago Commercial Moving Services

When you choose our services to relocate your business, you get a team with professionalism and efficiency. Our movers are experienced, licensed, and background-checked. 

Our professional team know how to handle your stuff


We adapt to your business routine! No matter the size of your store. Our team will be there for you! All your furniture, products, and everything will be moved delicately. Even the most delicate one, will be moved with maximum protection.

We take care of packing all the material of the company with great care, furniture, computer equipment, and more! Don’t worry about the damage to your stuff!

We also take care of the following services
in our Commercial Moving Chicago

Besides our main services, we also focus in the following services that involves the process of commercial moving:

  • We move companies, schools, laboratories and all types of businesses.

  • We disassemble and reassemble cubicle systems.

  • Customized packing for delicate loads.

  • Fleet of sanitized trucks ready for any move.

  • Reusable storage container solutions with free pick-up and delivery.

  • Short and long-term storage options with free pickup and delivery.

  • Debris Removal


Why choose us?

Here, we can offer you an extensive moving experience. Furthermore, we know how difficult it can be to move your commercial service. That is why we want to save you downtime. Rest assure that we know how to move your business carefully and efficiently. Also, we can also help you with packing. Our movers have years of experience for large and small business moving. So, don’t worry that we offer the best services and products to protect your assets.


Our experience allows us to have a minimum number of accidents. However, we include insurance in case of any damage.


Our team will advise you at all times. With us you will have the necessary help to solve any doubt or problem. We will guide your employees through the moving process.

Specialist Staff

Our staff is our main asset. The team is permanent in staff, experienced and of the maximum confidence. We have trained professionals in scheduled deliveries and logistics management.

Commercial Long Distance Moving

We have a trained team that are specialized in moving across state or even across the country.

Competitive flat-rate pricing

Don’t worry about money. Our prices are completely accessible for you. So, don’t be afraid to request a quote.

We offer a wide range of extra moving services

We have different moving packages for you. All adapted to your needs. Our complete moving package, which includes a professional service and unpacking. Also, our team can offer you storage solutions to shipment protection. They will work with you on everything you need. We want you to have a trouble-free move.



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