Moving day can be a really stressful day. That’s why we have some tips for you on how to make your moving day pet-friendly.

Before the moving day

First, you can ask a friend or relative to take care of your pet the following day. The moving day can be really stressful not only for you but also for your pet. Thus, it’s recommendable to not put your pet through this sort of situation. Likewise, make sure your pet’s ID tag is updated in case it runs away during the trip. In this way, anyone who finds it will immediately contact you. And you can also start searching for a new veterinary closer to your new home. In case your pet is anxiety-prone, try to get medication to help it go through the journey to your new place.

The moving day

If you couldn’t leave your pet in someone’s home on the moving day, keep the routine as normal as possible. Moving with pets doesn’t have to be stressful. Take toys your pet likes and keep it friendly. Your pet should be in one room so that it feels safe while the movers take care of the rest.

Also, you should let Chicago movers know that you have a pet so that they’re specially careful.

The journey to your new home

It’s best not to feed your pet three hours before you travel to your new home. Moreover, ensure there’s always fresh water available. And if it’s a long journey, be ready to park for toilet breaks. Furthermore, make your pet feel comfortable. You can place it on a secure basket or a travel crate.

Once you get to your new home, keep your pet in a room with familiar items while the movers unpack. To settle in with no problem, keep your pet’s and your routine normal. After a couple of weeks, you can take your pet to explore the surroundings.

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