Things people forget to do when moving

As it is commonly known, a moving process can become an exhausting process. So, one thing you can do to alleviate that task is to hire the best packing and moving services in Chicago. Yes, that is one thing. However, there might be times when even after doing that, there are some things you might miss. To ensure a moving process free of stress, here we present you a list of things people forget to do when moving.

1) Safety for children and pets

Once you are totally involved in the moving process, there is a chance that you forget about the little of the house: that is, children and pets. As they are the grown-ups, like the professional movers who help you with this process, you can overlook the youngest. And this can be potentially dangerous for small children and pets. They can get injured by large, big boxes, or by heavy furniture.

Furthermore, if moving itself is stressful for you, just think how much it can be for small children (who are leaving a place they might be fond of), or pets (who really don’t know what is going on). To try to help them, make sure you reach out to a trusted friend, or a family member in Chicago in advance. In this way, they can provide them the safe care they need meanwhile.

Things people forget to do when moving safety for children and pets

2) Reserve a parking space

This is something that will for sure happen when you hire a moving service: there is a moving truck coming with them. And what happens if they come and there is no space to park the truck? What will they do now? To avoid that inconvenience, you need to secure plenty of parking for it. By doing it, you are also maximizing the efficacy of the movers. Think about the place you live in. If it is a highly congested area, stake out a parking spot in advance. Likewise, there are some locations that need special permit. Then, check out every regulation before the moving day comes.

3) Notify people in advance

Things people forget to do when moving notify people

It is a bad idea to move out without having told people in advance that you are about to do it. Sometimes people might need something from you, and they won’t be able to find you.

On the other hand, it is not only people near you that will need you, there are also some things you need to do before moving out. And that is letting your company insurance, telephone or other similar sites know that you are relocating to a new place.

So, it is your responsibility to contact your bank, your credit card companies and insurance companies, and other key people that need to be aware of where you are. 

A tip we can give you to simplify this process is to rely on these three main communication supports, which are the telephone, email and online updates. Then, through email, you can send a message to every people about your new address and moving date. It is better to do this 30 days before you move, and once you have finished with all the process, and you are in your new place, you can resend a message letting them know about it.

By telephone, you can also phone a list of people that you think are key. Let them know that you’re moving. Likewise, make sure you really speak to them. Do not just leave them a message by voice mail. Furthermore, if there are some people that do not have these technological media, you can make a postcard and send them with your new address.

4) Labelling the boxes

Once you get to your new place and begin with the process of unpacking, if you have forgotten to label each box, then, prepare for madness. As all boxes look the same, you will not be able to sort out which box has your clothes, or your books, or your accessories. Or just imagine if you manipulate a box thinking it has some books, but then you find out that it was your dishes and glasses, so, everything is broken now. Yes, it is a sad situation that can be prevented. Label each box, so movers can know where your fragile things are. Otherwise, if you find the situation to complicated, hire the best packing services Chicago to do it for you. With their experience, they know exactly how to organize it.

Make sure you have the best moving time!

With our tips, we just want to give you the best moving process you can get. As we are human beings, we can forget many things. But if you just pay attention to our advice, then, it will be better for you and your moving time.