Things your moving team wishes you knew

When you plan to move, and hire the best moving and packing services Chicago to help, you expect the process to become easier for you. Yes, the moving team has a group of professional people who know what to do during the whole process. As it is a chaotic and exhausting process by itself, you just want them to be fast and efficient. But there are some things you can do to help speed up the process even more. The best results come when everyone is involved and work together towards the same goal. So, you need to know how to lend a hand or when you should get out of the way. Here, we present you, things your moving team wishes you knew.

1) Inform about any object that will be moved

Something that people can forget is to mention all the stuff that will be moved. This specially works when you are getting your moving estimate quote. You need the moving company to know what kind of objects they will be working with, just as to be prepared.

For example, it is not the same to go to a house expecting just boxes with clothes and books, and finding that there are also some bulky items, such as a piano, a refrigerator, or a hot tub. If you expect your moving company in Chicago to move those heavy things, you need to prepare them in advance.

In this way, they will get ready and take preparations, equipment or more people to move. Let them know in advance.

Things your moving team wishes you knew inform about any object

2) Be ready for the movers’ arrival

This thing involves the place where you live. Once the moving company arrives to your place, they need to have easy access to your house. So, if you live in a gated community or an apartment complex that needs an elevator, will they be allowed to enter or use it without problems? Think about it, and get all the parking or elevator permits from your building manager. Try not to leave it until the last day, or the same moving day it will be chaotic. Plus, you will be delaying the movers’ work.

3) Finish your packing the day before

Things your moving team wishes you knew finish packing

In case you have decided not to hire the best packing services in Chicago, and do it yourself, make sure you have completed this task the day before. It is ok if you decide that you can handle this packing task all by yourself.

However, as we said it before, try not to leave it to the last day. Just imagine that you are still packing boxes the same moving day, the whole house can become kind of a mess. Be sure that all your boxes are taped up and properly labeled.

Even more, you can also choose to take all the packed boxes in a central location in your house, like the garage or the living room. Once the moving company arrives, it will be much faster for them to load everything into the moving truck.

4) Try to be present on Moving Day

There might be some situations, in which the person who has hired the service, is not available the moving day. Of course, movers can arrive and begin their job, but it is still better if you or someone you trust is available for the entire day. This is just in case any questions come up about what the moving team should and shouldn’t move. While you can trust an experienced team, it is better to have a responsible adult that can be present to sign all the mover’s paperwork, and to just be present in case any unexpected thing happens.

5) Let the Movers do their job

Some situations that may happen during moving day is that you are also more than willing to lend a hand to move a furniture or washing machine. However, as good as your intentions can be, you can delay the job of the movers.

They are an experience team, and while they appreciate the gesture, it might also be dangerous and can create obstacles when they work. You might get injured when lifting something, or you can harm someone as well. It is better if you stay out of the way, and let them to their job.

Of course, you can be present to answer any questions, or to direct them to the correct rooms. But when it comes to moving heavy objects, if you let the movers do their job, the things will go as smoothly as it can be.

Things your moving team wishes you knew let the movers do their job

Ready to move?

Any good moving and packing company in Chicago is willing to bring you the best service for a well-organized moving process. We understand how difficult it can be, and how chaotic the process may turn. Just for that, there are some things you might as well know in order to help your movers perform the job they are trained to do.