Tips for Moving with pets

So, moving to a new home is stressful and exhausting. There are many things to do, and time seems to be running against us. It doesn’t matter if you are moving from a house or an apartment, the process is still tough. Hiring apartment moving services Chicago can help you with it. Nevertheless, it will not do something for your pet, if you have one. Whether you have cats or dogs, they won’t understand what is happening. The whole situation can be even more stressing for them. And if you want to make things easier for them, here are some tips for moving with pets.

Go to the vet

Taking your pet to the vet to do one last check up is key for its health. You need to make sure that everything with your pet is in order, and there is nothing going bad. Just think if something happens to your pet in the middle of your trip through Chicago.

There might be no vets or places to take your pet. You certainly don’t want them to suffer, when something could be done to prevent it. Talk to the vet and ask any questions. Likewise, it is a good idea to get proof of vaccinations, medications and any other kind of paperwork. Why so?

Well, there are some places that require health certificates for your pets to enter. Get all the paper you need, and don’t wait until the last minute. Or it will become a huge headache.

Tips for Moving with pets go to the vet

Board your Pets

There might be some animals that feel anxious if you put them into their transportation box, but, after all, it is for their safety. Boarding your pets on moving day can prevent any kind of accidents to happen. Plus, you can check where they are, and avoid any chances of them running away. The house will be full of people, and keeping track of your pet may be difficult. Once in their box, they are sure and ready to depart from the old place.

Preserve the routine

Tips for Moving with pets preserve the routine

Pets really enjoy routine in their lives. When something seems to be changing, it can be stressful for them to adapt to it quickly. So, try to organize your move without changing too much of your pet’s routine.

Make them get used to the process little by little. Otherwise, they can get sick before the trip. Then, always go step by step with them. Furthermore, once the moving day arrives, and your pet is with you, remember to bring any kind of familiarity with them.

It can be any favorite toy, a bedding, a blanket, or something that works as a security blanket for them. If they see something they are already familiarized, it will calm them down.

Make them comfortable with the trip

You might be thinking that only when the moving day arrives, you can take your pet, put it in its transportation box, and toss them into the car. This is also stressful for your pet. What you can do is give them time to get used to travelling. Perhaps, you can take your cat days before the moving day, and give short trips anywhere. So, they can familiarize with the trip. Another tip is to let your pet explore your car, so that, it can know the place where it will be spending many hours.


Though it is important that your pet always brings any kind of identification on a daily basis, when it is moving time, it is more urgent. Give it a collar that fits correctly, and add your phone number to contact you. And make sure that cellphone is not disconnected during the move.

Many things can happen while travelling. What if your pet gets lost during the process or in the middle of the trip? How can they come back? You need to make sure there are ways to contact you, if someone has found it. It is better to have this prepare in advance.

Tips for Moving with pets identification

Move with your pets!

Our apartment moving services in Chicago wants to make sure that everything is perfect for the move. And we do not only talk about your stuff, or the people inside, but also the little pets. They trust you, so, do not over-stressed them with this process as long as you can. Try to chill out days before the day. If your pet sees you like that, it will be worse for them. Be calm and reassuring.