We are about to move and have just made our entire budget. We have everything in mind, from the cost of the boxes to the cost of renting the truck to move. However there are some unexpected costs during the move, today the experts at Moving Services Chicago tell you what they are.

Unexpected Moving Costs

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving next door to another city. There are always some hidden costs that movers don’t take into account.

The security deposit

The truth is, we recommend you forget about getting the security deposit back. Since in most cases this is irrecoverable. Somewhere this money will go. For example, the holes you left in the walls that will be difficult to patch or damage to the floor or shelves. Maybe there’s even damage done to the property that you didn’t even know was there. Believe us! Many landlords will look for even the smallest detail not to give you that deposit.

Cheap moving company?

Beware! Choosing a cheap moving company is not always the best thing to do. Keep in mind that moving is not cheap. Although there are many moving companies that offer affordable prices, beware of hiring the one that offers you great benefits at minimal cost. Cheap movers can cost you more than you think. They regularly start adding costs during the process.

You must be sure that if any Chicago Movers do any damage to your property they are going to be able to fix it! They are going to answer you for it.  So you better hire efficient personnel.  You will know that your valuable items will be safe and you will be very happy that you hired The Professionals.


Yes, we know that you have decided to pack things yourself and that according to you you already have everything planned in the budget. However, we think you’ll have to invest in supplies like bubble wrap, boxes, tape, and more!  So the quickest thing to do is to hire Packed Moving Services Chicago. Aside from saving a lot of time, believe it or not you’ll save money. Plus, you’ll know that your belongings will be excellently packed.

There are also other types of expenses that you should consider. For example, stair fees, travel insurance, fees for moving especially large items, and more. That’s why the best thing to do before planning your move is to hire a company to help you with the whole process. This way, you don’t have to worry about all those extra costs that may interfere with your budget. A fair and responsible company will let you know all the costs and will not surprise you with unexpected expenses!