Welcome to Chicago! Now that you have decided to hire an Apartment Moving Services Chicago and come to this exciting city, it’s time to help you answer your question:  “What Are The Best Neighborhoods In Chicago?”

Best Neighborhoods In Chicago

Let’s see, you’ve made up your mind… Chicago is your destination. Then check out these great neighborhoods to start your new life.


What Are The Best Neighborhoods In Chicago

It’s considered one of the best places to live. The truth is, there’s always something to do in the Loop. If you love theater, movies, entertainment, then Loop will be your best choice! If this is your pace of life, then don’t worry, hire the best Packed Moving Services Chicago, pack everything and come to Loop!

River North

River North is conveniently located and only 10 minutes from the Loop. This makes it your second best choice. It is a very safe area and the public transportation is excellent.

Gold Coast

If you want something a little more urban, then you should be on the Gold Coast. This small place offers residents an urban feel. Also, did you know that most of the residents own their own homes? Yes, life on the Gold Coast is excellent. With a myriad of places to visit such as restaurants, parks, cafes and more. Plus the nightlife can be quite good.


Last but not least is Streeterville. There are plenty of food options and places to live. The community is also very welcoming. The city is full of architecture, a museum, and plenty of places to grab a good coffee.

So, you were saying where to live in Chicago? We want to offer you the Best Chicago Neighborhoods so you can make the right choice for your pace of life. What we can assure you is that Chicago is the city you want to be in!