Moving is already one of the most difficult tasks to deal with. What Is The Best Truck For A Moving Day? And the best moving company? Keep on reading to find out.

Moving trucks may all look the same, but choosing the right one can be very important for your moving to Chicago. Finding out the advantages of each one can take a long time, and you’d better do your research before you move. So, here are some options if you’re looking for the best moving trucks to rent:

Box Trucks

Box trucks are the most common moving trucks. They are more expensive than other types of trucks but are still much cheaper than making a container-type move. There are different sizes we can find:

Small Box Truck Sizes

If you have a one-bedroom or smaller apartment, these are where you’ll want to start. Queen, full and twin mattresses fit on these trucks, but most king-size mattresses, do not.

Medium Box Truck Sizes

These trucks are better for long-distance transfers and – you guessed it – for larger loads. These trucks are also more durable and better suited for long road trips, and there’s much more room for your stuff.

Large Box Truck Sizes

Do you have a California King mattress? These large trucks can usually transport a lot of items. They are used for two- to three-bedroom apartments to three- to five-bedroom homes. Besides, they can support the weight of washing machines and dryers, and many other things.

Pick-up Trucks

These are very popular for Apartment Moving Chicago. It makes sense to use a van if you are carrying a couple of chairs and a table. If you are moving into a bedroom or a small studio. These are also cheaper and more available for any situation. Also, if you are going to drive the truck yourself, make sure your driver’s license allows it. After all, trucks are a different type of vehicle and the requirements to drive one may be different.

What Is The Best Truck For A Moving Day? Honestly, if you hire a moving company you don’t even have to worry about that. It’s advisable to hire Moving Services Chicago that will take care of everything for you.