You need to move! The Horror! Don’t worry, we know you don’t want to lift a finger, let alone subject yourself to this almost infinite stress! If you are one of those people who find moving almost a sacrifice, then it’s time to hire the experts at Apartment Moving Services Chicago. Learn What To Expect From Full-Service Movers!

What exactly do they do?

In just three words: THEY DO EVERYTHING!

Provision of all packing materials and supplies

So you don’t have to go back and forth to the store over and over again! You don’t have to worry about missing tape, wrong box, etc.  Full service moving services have everything you need for your move. This even includes furniture blankets and extra padding.


 Packing is one of the most tedious parts of moving. But not anymore!  Packed Moving Services Chicago will pack all your belongings for you. We have trained packers who will safely store everything in a very short time and in an expert manner.

Furniture Disassembly 

Forget about the hassle of big furniture! Our complete furniture removal service will disassemble and reassemble it all! 

Truck loading and unloading

Heavy work? no way! This service takes care of safely loading everything on the truck. Everything that goes with you will be professionally included in the truck.


And if we don’t pack, why do we have to unpack? Full service movers can unpack for you. While you concentrate on other associated tasks.

Goodbye junk

 And what else can we ask for but for them to pick up the mess? Well, yes! There won’t be piles of boxes just sitting around!

It doesn’t matter if you are moving in or out of Chicago, the important thing is that you are comfortable and at ease. Stress free knowing that you are going hand in hand with professional movers.