The time has come for the move and everything is almost ready. Excitement is building because we’re almost to our new home. Once you start loading things into the moving truck, you may realize that there are still a few essential items missing. These tools are sometimes overlooked, they are so “insignificant” that we don’t pay attention to them.  To make your moving day easier, Chicago Movers has All The Tools You Need To Have For Your Moving Day.


Do you already have your scissors handy? We think because we’re already packed we won’t need them. But, the experts at Moving Services Chicago know that you’re sure to need them.  Maybe you need to cut boxes, bubble wrap or packing tape. Or maybe you need to cut and attach some labels. 

Packing Tape

We know you’re wondering, more packing tape…I’ve already packed everything! Yes, but you may need to reinforce a box. Maybe you need to secure the corner of a blanket or parts of furniture. 


Ultimately you will need to have writing tools such as markers. These will help you easily identify boxes or write on labels. We recommend identifying boxes on all sides. 

Cleaning supplies

Yes! You may need to do a last minute mini-cleanup. Whether it’s a spill or to wipe up footprints left on the floor.  Includes all-purpose cleaner, broom, paper towel, sponge, detergent, dustpan, cleaning brush and more. 

Step Ladder or Step Stool

You may need a step stool to help you reach certain heights. So, do not forget to get one.

Other tools you may need are ropes, flashlights, and even a small first-aid kit in case you have a minor accident. Try to get all the tools in one place, maybe you can buy a plastic box and put them all inside! Place the box in a specific place of the house. Maybe next to the door or in the middle of the living room. Remember that when moving in or out Chicago,  it is best to hire experts.