Best Places to Move During Summer in Chicago

As it is established, summer seems like a perfect season to move out from your place. This is because most of the people is free from work, children are off school for a couple of months, and it seems like a perfect time to start somewhere new. We know it can be a little overwhelming to find the perfect place to live in Chicago. One that fits all your standards. So, to help you with this task, here are the best places to move during summer in Chicago.


This is a residential neighborhood that is located on the Southwest Side. You will find this place charming with many cottages and landscaped row houses. If you are looking for a neighborhood with an air of historic charm, this is the one for you. Some housing stocks were built before 1940.

Another advantage of this place is that it is close to Pilsen and Chinatown, which means that you are close from these two restaurants. The summers here are warm, arid and mostly clear.

Best Places to Move During Summer in Chicago bridgeport

North Center

One good thing about this place is that everything revolves around Lincoln Avenue. You will be able to see the cozy Irish pubs and breweries, storefront theaters and coffee shops. You can have many options to where to live. Whether it is an apartment a condo or just a home, you can pick any of these, since they are all great options in this area. During the summer, the weather is warm, so it is better to move here during summer.

South Shore

Best Places to Move During Summer in Chicago south shore

One of the best parts about this neighborhood is basically the shore. This area is home to a pristine lake and sweeping skyline views. Besides, it has an eye-catching architecture and rich cultural offerings.

So, one of the best seasons for you to enjoy this first-handed is to move during summer. Since the beach itself is one of the most popular spots for swimming and sunbathing, you will find it a very cozy place to move to. This place fits perfectly the summer weather.


If one of your dreams is to have a home with tons of space and a big backyard, this is the neighborhood you should live in. This place has an amazing architecture and a very warming Irish heritage. There are many places to visit here, like the multi-disciplinary Beverly Arts Center houses, with its art gallery, exhibition spaces, music and dance studio. You won’t get bored if you move to this place.

Oak Park

This neighborhood is located on the side of city limits. Besides, it has a kind of suburban charm and has a deep historical significance.

You can find international cuisine, and a walkable downtown that has family-oriented attractions. Then, you can definitely move here during summer, since it seems like a perfect weather to do so.

Best Places to Move During Summer in Chicago oak park

Buffalo Grove

If what you are looking is for a quiet place where to live, you can surely choose the suburb of Buffalo Grove. This place is perfect for families since there are many family-friendly activities to do. There are many parks and recreation nearby to enjoy with your family, especially during summer, since the weather perfectly suits the environment. Buffalo Grove is a place with an affordable living style and its only 40 minutes of the city center. But at the same time, there are many great top schools like Meridian Middle School and Buffalo Grove High School for your children.


Best Places to Move During Summer in Chicago evanston

On the other hand, if what you are looking is for a place in the suburbs that is like a college town, you should choose Evanston. Our many professional movers in Chicago recommend this place especially for students, singles, or young professionals.

If you are planning to move in by summer, you won’t find a more perfect season to do so. During the hot weather there are many things you can do, like swim, rent kayaks or just relax and take in views of Lake Michigan.

Likewise, you can go to Perking Woods to watch the small forest preserve for birds. You will make a great choice with Evanston with its affordable bungalows, renovated Victorians and newly constructed homes as well.


Naperville is one of the largest and safest Chicago suburbs. It fits perfectly for every type of family or single person. Since singles, young professionals and families, you will find what you are looking for. Especially if what you are looking is a job, this place offers you many of them. During summer there are many things you can do like go paddle boating, or swim in the former quarry-turned-swimming pool at Centennial Beach. This suburb is filled with historic homes that have been renovated to have a perfect mix of old and new. If you hire some Chicago movers here, they will recommend you this place.

Ready to move?

So, once you have decided that you will move to one of these places in Chicago, you need to start thinking about the moving itself. Let’s not forget that the hiring of Packing Services in Chicago should never be done at the last minute. If you want to enjoy a kind of free-of-stress moving process, you should better hire a good Packing Service Chicago. Especially during summer, where things may get chaotic.