Dos and Don’ts of Moving During Summer

Ok. The moving process can be a stressful time all by itself. We all know that. However, there is a time of the year when people tend to move out from their places to start a new life somewhere else. That’s right. Summer is considered by many people to be one of the perfect times to move out. Why so? Well, that is because of the many benefits there are, like nice weather, days off from work, kids out of school. However, as everything in life, it is not always perfect. Sometimes the whole moving process during summer can be a sweaty and exhausting moment. For that, we present you some dos and don’ts of moving during summer. Check them out and create a smooth moving process for you.

Do expect to pay more

As summer is the favorite season for everyone to move, it is expected that the prices for the Packed Moving Services in Chicago will rise. This season has turned to be the favorite for many people because of the freer time people have.

Likewise, people with school-age children, they can move out without having to concern about any school concern. And the weather also seems to be ideal. So, do expect to pay a little more during summer.

Dos and Don’ts of Moving During Summer pay more

Don’t forget to stay hydrated

We know how exhausting summer can be because of the hot weather. So, for you to feel ok and not get sick or extra exhausted, drink plenty of water. It might be something silly to remember but with all the sweating you might do during the moving process, you need to stay at your finest health.

Do have portable fans

Dos and Don’ts of Moving During Summer portable fan

This is important for your health also. If your house does not have an air conditioner, it is better to have with you, portable fans to cool the summer heat while moving.

These fans will help you feel better during summer move, and can avoid certain unexpected things, like passing out due to the lack of fresh air and water. Yes, it is as serious as that. So, they are fairly cheap, and you can even get ones that are battery-operated.

Don’t wear heavy clothing

When you move out, the last thing you need to worry about is being stylish. We all want to look nice and presentable, but sometimes these clothes are not appropriate for a moving day during summer. You want to feel comfortable to endure that day. For example, even the Packing Moving Services Chicago team you hire will have comfortable, breathable fabrics (like cotton) to perform a great job. Why not you?

Do pack your food

If you are moving, sometimes you used to throw away all food you consider won’t last the whole moving process. However, there are some perishable food items that you can save. How so? Well, you can choose to buy coolers full of ice and/or icepacks for the very day of your move.

We know how high the heat is in Chicago, but you can save some things like milk, juices, veggies and fruits if you keep them fresh enough. They can even be good for you and your family during the moving trip.

Dos and Don’ts of Moving During Summer buy a cooler

Don’t forget to switch your utilities

One of the things you want to do right when you get to your new place is to rest after such an intense moving process. Take for example that you have moved from your apartment to another. Luckily, you could hire a good Apartment Moving in Chicago, and everything is going well while moving. But you get to your new place, and you find that it is 90 degrees outdoors. And you don’t have any air conditioning. This is especially important when you move during summer. To avoid this, switch your utilities on time.

Do begin the moving process early in the morning

Dos and Don’ts of Moving During Summer begin early in the morning

We’ve discussed the difficulties of moving during Summer. One of the most serious ones is the sun and the increase in the heat. We know how difficult it can be to move during summer because the sun can be an incredible nuisance.

If you want to avoid having to work under the sun, not only you but the team from the Moving Services Chicago, you should schedule your moving process to be as early as possible. In this way, you and your moving company will be much more comfortable during the whole process.

Don’t forget to take extra precautions for the general well-being

Activity during summer can lead to certain inconveniences for our health that we should be paying attention. When people are moving from one place to another, they can suffer from a heat-related diseases, like heat strokes, heat exhaustion or heat cramps. All of them can be dangerous not only for you but for the workers. So, you need to be alert to any heat-related symptom and warning signs, like high body temperature, hot, red skin, fast pulse, headaches, nausea, heavy sweating, fainting, muscle pains or spams, etc. If you begin noticing any of these symptoms, you should immediately call 911 to avoid anything more serious happening to the person.

Do keep electronics cool

Let’s imagine you are moving out from your office into a new place to work with your workers. So, you start packing everything for the office move in Chicago. You need to remember to pack electronics carefully. Why so? Well, these items can become overheated and ruined on a hot summer’s day. From smartphones to laptops and any other appliances, they are electrical items that do not go well in hot conditions.

Then, you need to check if the office moving services Chicago that you hire knows how to handle them well. But it is not only for an office, homes also have its own appliances. For this, be sure to pack them separately and keep them in air-conditioned surroundings all the time. Also, make sure that the move team will pack your electronics on the truck after everything is packed. Likewise, use waterproof bin and baggies to prevent them to get damage by the water.

Dos and Don’ts of Moving During Summer do keep electronics cool

Don’t move during a holiday weekend

We have already established how chaotic can become to move during summer. The prices rise up, the weather is a little hard, and you will need more water. Even with those situations, people still consider moving during summer due to the free time everybody has. However, there is one thing you definitely should not do: that is moving during a holiday weekend. If there are many people already moving out during summer, during a summer holiday weekend is worst. There are fewer movers and truck rentals available. You will have some trouble finding someone to help you during a holiday. Plus, the traffic on the roads may be chaotic. So, to avoid more stress during moving process try to avoid Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day, among others.

Are you ready to move in summer?

So, moving out during summer is preferred by many people due to many aspects, like the weather. Furthermore, people tend to have more free time to focus only on the moving process, and their children will not have to leave school in the middle of the school year to begin in another place. This and more are what makes a summer moving process so attractive. But there can be certain things that if not followed, it can turn the whole process into a nightmare. Then, you can follow these tips and also hire a Moving Company to help you with the whole process. Always look for the best one, that is licensed and insured, and you will have a smooth moving process.