Moving can be stressful. It usually takes some time to prepare properly. The most important thing is to plan. A long distance move requires being precise.  There are many different things you will need to coordinate when planning a move.  That’s why today we tell you:  How To Pack For A Long Distance Moving?

Organize your move

  1. Moving Services Chicago tells us that the more organized everything is, the more successful the process will be. Besides, you won’t feel overwhelmed.
  1. Gather all the materials
  1. Before you start packing for your Apartment Moving Chicago, buy all the necessary supplies. This includes moving boxes of different sizes, tape, paper, markers, etc.

Start packing

  1. Pack heavy things like books, toys, etc., in small boxes.  Remember not to fill the boxes to the top, as they may break.
  1. Pack fragile, breakable items very carefully. Use several layers of wrapping paper. You can also use bubble wrap.
  1. Place plastic wrap between bottles and lids to prevent contents from spilling.
  1. Place absorbent cotton between fragile cosmetics.
  1. Use newspaper to fill empty spaces in cardboard boxes.
  1. Be sure to place all tools in a central location. This way you will be able to find them when you need them.
  1. Put headphones, remote controls, and anything else you will need when you arrive at your new home in the same box.
  1. Pack dishes vertically. Place protective paper between them. You can use bubble wrap.
  1. If packing is too much, remember you can always hire  Packing Services Chicago. They will help you with this task. Your job is to relax!

Clearly label each box.

  1. Chicago Movers recommended painting bright colors on the boxes.
  1. Go through each room and make sure everything is put away.
  1. Put all last minute items in one place.

Remember to check your house again when the truck is full.  When you are sure all the rooms are empty, then it’s time to close the door and leave. Start enjoying this new chapter in your life.