You have to move, the Professional Movers Chicago have been chosen, and the date has been set for the big event.  Now you have to face the hard reality of boxing up everything you’re taking with you to your new home. This is the most tedious and cumbersome task when it comes to moving. It involves the headache as we must begin to determine what to unpack, know, choose and sort. Then do the same for the new home. Now, to help you with this task, Chicago Movers let you know the Things You Should Leave Behind When Moving.

We know you have to deal with your closets, pantries, drawers, etc., and it’s time to decide what to take and what to leave behind. …. Here’s where the attachment begins for things you didn’t even remember you had! But, don’t worry! We are here to help you and give you the best of Moving Services Chicago.

Remember: Moving is a new beginning

We know it’s not easy to get rid of things, especially things you’ve grown fond of or that represent a special time in your life. But, moving is a new beginning and that means leaving things behind. Sure you may have kept things because you think you might need them later. But let’s be honest with ourselves, if it’s been in the closet for more than a year and you didn’t even remember it was there, then you don’t need it! 

Start leaving those old jeans that do not fit you anymore. Do the same with the rest of the clothes. Also check all ornaments you have. Please leave away all those broken ones… Get inside the kitchen and forget about those broken and ugly dishes you never use. Get rid of those plastic cups hidden at the bottom of the cabinet.

The truth is that you will find more than a thousand reasons to justify keeping, storing, not throwing away, etc.. The important thing to remember is that changing your place of residence implies of course leaving things in the past. So you must have the emotional strength to let go of that which you never used.

Focused is better

Focus! Ask yourself, will I really need this? Answer honestly, that will determine if this object will travel with you or stay away forever. We also recommend you to take into account the place where you will move to, you may not have enough space for storage. So take advantage of this opportunity and start throwing away what you don’t use. 

But don’t worry, we are not talking about throwing everything in the trash. You can find the best places for Recycling in Chicago so that your belongings can be reused in something else. Plus, you’re helping the environment by avoiding pollution.