What to leave behind during moving process

Moving time may be a little problematic. Since it is a stressful activity by itself, you should focus on making it at least not that hard to do. So, once you have booked the best packing services in Chicago, you took care of a great deal. But at the same time, moving can be quite expensive. Then, if you hire packed moving services Chicago, the last thing you want them to do is pack, store and even move things you don’t really need in your new place. One advantage of moving is that you can assess all your belongings and decide which ones you really need, and which ones you can sell or donate. Here we indicate you what to leave behind during moving process.


After years of living in such a cosmopolitan city like Chicago, we for sure have collected many attires for us. And if you go through your closet, you might even find things you don’t longer use or don’t fit you anymore.

Choose this moving time to declutter some clothes before you pack them. Separate the things you don’t wear, don’t fit, or are out of fashion. You can decide whether to donate them or sell them for extra cash. You can even make some money with them.

What to leave behind during moving process clothes


Books can be a great source of information and entertainment. But when the moving time comes, these usually take a lot of space and are really heavy to transport. We know it can be difficult to get rid of some books, so start with some easy ones you won’t need at your new place. For example, there is no need to pack phone books, or old textbooks your kids don’t longer need. Likewise, you can even consider giving some books to people you think will like them, and write a niche note in the front to make it special.

Old Furniture

What to leave behind during moving process old furniture

Some people can get very attached to their furniture. Since it has been with you for a long time, you might still use them. However, as fond as you are of them, you cannot miss the fact that most of them are really old and no longer usable.

Plus, the older the furniture is, the hard it gets to move. And it can add some costs to your moving services. So, it is much better if you consider donating some of them (if they are still in good shape) to a nonprofit organization, or throw them away.

Bathroom Items

Since we stated that when you are moving, you can make some time to check on what is usable or disposable in your house, you can, as well, do it in your bathroom. You can toss items that are not use or are already expired. For example, there might be some almost-empty bottles that you should throw them, or expired makeup you won’t use again. Also, loofahs, razors and toothbrushes are not that necessary to take with you, since you can buy new ones at your new place.

Garage Items

Another part of your house you need to check before moving out is the garage. We know that this place has served as a perfect storage location in our home for many years. Anything we did not need, we placed it into the garage. So, it is safe to say that this place will be full of many things that we should not pack into our stuff anymore.

Then, instead of using packing services Chicago, we should start thinking in declutter things like tools, outdoor equipment, and old toys. At the same time, we can also dispose of items like paint cans, fertilizer, and insecticide. Everything we know is old, use and empty, we must not pack it.

What to leave behind during moving process garage items

Mattresses and Pillows

While moving to a new place, this can be a great excuse to get a new mattress and pillows. Of course, you think it might be a good idea to take your mattress with you, but just think for a moment. Mattresses tend to lose their shape and quality after 10 years. So, it is not ok to take it to your new place, and just better buy new ones. If you were thinking of getting new things for your bed, this is your perfect excuse. Also, you might need to leave behind your pillows, since they can trap bacteria and dead skin cells. So, if you want to start over new at your new place, better doing it with new stuff.

Pack what is only necessary!

So, we have stated that when you move, you might need to keep an eye on the things you’ll need at your new place. In order to be sure that the packing services in Chicago is packing everything you need, have the right checklist. However, there are some things that will be a waste of space, not only in your new place, but in the moving truck. Learn what to keep and what to dispose, and pack only the necessary.