What to update after relocating your business?

When you change your business’ office or commercial space into a new one, this involves a major milestone for your company. Of course, doing this means that your business is growing into a new direction. But, moving out also comes with many responsibilities you cannot overlook. One thing you need to pay attention is to make updated to keep your customers and partners in the loop. It can be bad for your company if you move, and they have no idea where to find you. The last thing you want is to lose clients because of this. Even more in such a commercial place like Chicago, where getting people’s attention back can be difficult. Here, in our Commercial Moving Chicago, we’ll teach you what to update after relocating your business.

Update Business Address

Once you move your business, do not forget, under no circumstances, to update your business address into every platform you have. If you forget to do this, you might not get all your correspondence send to the right place. And you could get into trouble for that.

So, make sure you go to post office, to receive your address. But do not only focus on the physical correspondence. Now with all the technology, your business also has an online presence that you need to pay attention.

Update in every online platform, whether it is the Chamber of Commerce, Yelp, Bing Places for Business, your business address. And also, do it in your webpage, so people will know where to find you. 

What to update after relocating your business business address

Likewise, it is important that the IRS and State Department of Revenue know your new business address. You need to receive all federal and state tax documents. Besides, any government entities need to be updated about your new phone numbers and information about licensing.

Update Social Media

We have learned that social media is an important tool to advertise your business and create a deep relationship with your customers. So, think about your social media accounts when moving, too. Similar to your webpage, your social sites also have contact information, so, updated when possible. Plus, you can make your customers part of your moving process. If you have any Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, you can let the people know you are relocating, and let them know of what is happening to your business. And it can be a good time to redesigning your company’s logo or site.

Update Marketing Materials

What to update after relocating your business marketing material

As any other company, it is a fact that you have many marketing pieces that you distribute to people and clients. All these marketing materials such as, business cards, flyers, banners, brochures and so on, provide the company address, phone number and business name. So, people can find you when they need your product or service.

When leaving to a new place, remember to update all the information there, and think of redistributing into the community. Check all of this material, and think what can be reused, or what needs to be thrown. It might be a good time to think about new designs, new information, one that matches with your new public target.

Update your Paid Search Campaigns

When you run any business, one thing you do is to start advertising campaigns you let more people know about you, your business and the services and products you offer. So, one option to do this is through a paid search campaign. This is a good choice because they can help you focus on a local market where you are currently located. A good marketing company will help you place your company in the market, and attract more customers to you. But now you have decided to move out from your current location to start in a new place. So, you have hired the best packing services Chicago, and take care of everything with your employees, and so on. What is up next?

Well, you cannot forget to update your paid search campaigns and any other marketing company you have hired. We have previously discussed the need to change all your marketing materials and social media contact information. But there are some things that are not run directly by you, and you need to let everyone involved to know that you have moved. This is for the sake of your company. If you still have wrong addresses, this can mean a painful loss of potential clients your company cannot accept.

Let people find you!

Moving out to a new place for your business is a great opportunity for your company to improve certain things. Of course, to make things right, you will need to hire the best packing services in Chicago. Once you have done this, you can begin this new start for your company and your employees. However, there are some things you need to personally take into your care. Things like updating certain things such as business address, social media info, marketing materials or paid search campaigns, are necessary for your business to keep running. Let’s just imagine you forget to do this, you can lose clients, which is detrimental to your business. So, don’t forget to update all this information we give you, so your business won’t lose anything important in the process. With the help of the right commercial Moving in Chicago, you will have a smooth moving process. And if you update what needs to be updated, it won’t result as chaotic as it seems.

Businesses that have updated their data after the move