How frustrating it is to open a box and see that our favorite dinnerware is broken! When packing your most fragile items you need to be very careful. That’s why the experts at Packing Services Chicago teach you how to pack your kitchen & fragile items.

The ideal materials!

Not just any paper and tape will do for proper packing. That’s why we recommend that before you even think about packing, get the essential materials. Check what valuable item you need to wrap and what is the ideal product for it. If you are not sure what to buy, check with the moving company. Most offer Packed Services Chicago that will take a lot of the burden off your shoulders.


Use the original boxes if you still have them! If not, buy medium sized packing boxes. Make sure each appliance is clean and dry. Remove smaller parts and fragile items.  Wrap fragile parts in bubble wrap and use a double layer of newspaper if necessary. Place pieces of cardboard if you have extra space between the appliance and the walls of the box.


How To Pack Your Kitchen & Fragile Chicago

Place two layers of bubble wrap or packing paper on the bottom of the box. Wrap each piece of tableware with a thin layer of paper. Stack them one at a time in the box, adding an additional layer of bubble wrap.  Small dishes or cups can be wrapped in cloth or plastic.


Do not leave cutlery loose as it can damage your dishes! Sort them and tie them with a ribbon or rubber band. Then wrap them in wrapping paper, cloth or film.

Pots and pans

How To Pack Your Kitchen & Fragile In Chicago

Find the box that fits them. This is perhaps the hardest step. Stack them and place paper between them so as not to scratch them. Then wrap the lids in film or kraft paper.

Pack fragile items carefully. It is best to hire a specialized service in Chicago to save time and money. They will make proper use of the space in each container. Besides, you won’t have to go to the store all the time.